Thursday, April 29, 2010

"Dia Caliente en Fin," Encaustics Fun 1

I decided I would have to teach myself encaustics through books, YouTube, and experiments because the workshops I would love to attend are unreachable this year. After many book reviews online thanks to page previews and the local library system, I purchased the book Encaustic Workshop: Artistic Techniques for Working with Wax by artist Patricia B. Seggebruch. There are a few more books out there, but this one covers the mixed media techniques in ways that would be fun to try.

The first photo shows one of the first techniques in the book: just getting a layer of wax on the clayboard. Patricia mentions to pick out the bristles that come out of the brush, but I didn't. The whole process on a 12 x 12 inch piece was quicker once I brought out the embossing tool (that weird blue thing to the left). This is MUCH more fun than using just the little encaustic iron!

The second picture, well, I skipped a few pages of the book. I just started layering tissue paper and wax. FUN! I am loving some ways this beats dealing with acrylic gel medium! This is going to be Heather Hennick mentioned back in December.

The book was forgotten. I just grabbed whatever materials were at hand and threw them onto the clayboard. The darkest piece reminds me of Cuba's Malecon and El Morro. 

I have only seen Cuba through mi Abuela's, mi Papa's y mi Mama's memories and in photos. One day, when the current regime is gone, I want to see El Morro y El Faro in reality other than in my dreams. (PS: I thank God that am a Cuban-American citizen of the U.S. of A...the rest is another story.)

Final results are what I call "Dia Caliente en Fin." Translation is "Hot Day at End." (mixed media on clayboard, 12 x 12 inches, $250, 2010)

Angeline Marie of 

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JJ said...

A-M: Mi maestra de español de secundaria, el doctor Ferrández, era un refugiado cubano y un gran tipo. He pasado muchas horas hablando con él acerca de Cuba, y yo también soy un gran fan de Hemingway, así que estoy enamorado del país. Voy a llegar algún día - y usted también!

Forgive me, Dr. F. I forgot much of my Spanish.

Jason L. Eldridge said...

I hate to ask stupid questions but.... Is the wax differnt colors and that is how you lay out the painting? Do you use other types of paint once the wax is laid out? Thanks...just curious.

Angeline-Marie said...

JJ: Si, algun dia llegamos a ver donde esta parte de nuestros corazones. Pero, soy del USA primero en muchas maneras, no me decian "la gringa de la familia" por nada! -)

Jason: Actually, that's a smart question. I'll let you know the next blog post!

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