Friday, July 16, 2010

"Often," 2nd Canvas for the ArtHouse Coop Canvas Project

Often - 2010 - mixed media on canvas - 4 x 4 inches

This is the second of the three canvases for the ArtHouse Coop. This piece is "Often," the adverb I mentioned in my "Stoccata" post.

I often dream of being at the beach. The song "Some Beach" by Blake Shelton often goes through my head when silly, annoying things happen to me. The beach is one of my top three favorite places. I am totally myself when I am at the beach: the heat, sand, cool water, salt, air...all contribute to my feeling of health and home. When the oil gets here from the Gulf of Mexico spill, I will be more saddened about the entire ordeal. In the meantime, Andy and I get to Miami's beaches as often as we can this summer.

"Often" has beach sand, foam and construction paper, and acrylic paints. The calendar of the week days is superimposed over our umbrella and the ocean we love. The beaches in Miami usually have a slope going towards the water, hence the lack of true shore line in "Often."

To mi Mama: M, T, W mean Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday - like top row of a calendar's page.

What do you think or dream of "often?" How would you interpret the word "often," if you were asked? 

Angeline Marie of

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