Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Who Me? - Dry Paint from 2005

Who Me? - 2005 - acrylics on paper - ~13 x 24 in.
In 2005, there were many changes occuring in my life as an artist: new living place, new painting mentor, new friendships....It was a tough but very good year in which this little raccoon was painted. I needed a friendly face at my new place, and he was it!

I adore reading. One of my favorite books of all times is an ancient one titled Frosty: A Raccoon To Remember.... I bought it at the bookstore in Loehman's Plaza, way before Aventura Mall became a Miami destination for shopping. That Frosty got into so many funny adventures with toilets, cars, and cigarettes, that I giggled my way through the story. When I saw the photo of this raccoon, I had to paint it. I still have this paperback some where in my stash of books, too.  

Did I get the spirit of mischevious Frosty? What do you think about raccoons? Are they just pests, or do you actually like them like I do?

Angeline Marie of


Jason L. Eldridge said...

I just love that and I love raccoons provided they are not in my trash. There are not many wildlife critters I don't like come to think of it... Raccoons just always look like they are about to do something funny.

Amazing realism.

JJ said...

They are funny, but can be a little dangerous. As with all animals, respect them, and learn from them. I truly believe they laugh at us too.

Angeline-Marie said...

To Jason & JJ: Any animal in the trash is just wrong. Raccoons do always look like they are going to get into trouble, and they are wild animals. I remember in the book that the ranger wanted to return Frosty to the wild and in the end did. Animals are mainly wild, even the basic house cat. When humans remember that...maybe the world will be better.

Speaking of humans, we are wild animals, too! LOL

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