Friday, September 24, 2010

Baruj Project, 2005

Shapes - 2005 - acrylics and ink on paper - 23 x 33 inches

It was 2004 when I met the great artist Baruj Salinas at an art exhibit by his students. After painting four years, I was frustrated, bored, and ready for a change. What a shake up! My friend, who I considered my "second mom," pushed me...and there are NO regrets!!!

This is an example of the first task Baruj gives you upon entering his class. He calls it an exercise to see how the student sees color, values, and shapes. It looks very simple, but I spent the entire semester on it! For me, the difficulty was in making the shapes. Everyone who begins classes with Baruj begins with this exercise...and all of Baruj's followers grin and try to give helpful advice.

I am extremely priviledged to know Baruj Salinas. Although I have little time to get to his class...because of a bunch of excuses...I still carry his voice inside my head.

For more information about Baruj Salinas, there is a book available, printed in Spain. You can also search for more images of his work. There is a poster of his work, as available here:

If you wish to take classes with Baruj, he gives classes through the Miami Dade College Interamerican Campus' Community Classes (non-credit).

What do you think? Think I can do this again? I wonder....

Angeline Marie of
Angeline Marie Fine Art


Rosie Brown said...

There are some of us that know exactly what you are are talking about having been a student of Baruj. That first exercise was so frustrating that I ended up cutting mine into little pieces. Yours looks great.....glad you kept it!

Baruj is a great artist and wonderful person!


JJ said...

A-M: We are rarely happy with our own work. Yours is terrific, by the way.

Angeline-Marie said...

Rosie: Oh, yes, you do know exactly what I mean by this project! Did you do the watermelon on a chair project? Did you use the pieces in another painting?

JJ: LOL Sometimes I am happy with my work. Other times, I think I should change it. LOL

Jason L. Eldridge said...

I had a person in my life that changed my perspective on photography and he wasn't even a serious armature He taught me to stop taking photos sometimes and enjoy the moment. I often find that my best photo follow those moments. As a fan of your Work Angeline I am certainly glad you met Baruj Salinas though I have faith that your paintings were stunning before that meeting. I am also thankful that because of your work I am appreciating the painted art.

Angeline-Marie said...

Jason: Baruj teaches to use a reference photo ONE time, and then be confident in your own interpretation of it.

I would love to learn more about that person!

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