Thursday, January 6, 2011

Encaustic Workshop Adventure in Key West, Florida

How art workshop was found...
While Andy and I were enjoying the Boat Races in Key West, November, 2010, we stopped at the historical local bar The Green Parrot. I spotted a very shiny, pretty, and large catalog printed by The Studios of Key West. Being the pack rat, the catalog made it back to the Cypress House Inn with us and then home. 

One my first encaustic paintings, using the iron, December, 2009
Can you see the thoughts fireworks?
Encaustic workshop!!!! Only 12 students allowed? No flight expense? Over a long holiday weekend? Stay at the Cypress House Inn Key West? No snow? Car parked for the weekend, and within walking distance? What if the class is already full (it is November, and it is impossible but the snow birds)?!!! It is more economical to work with books but I miss people....Ok...but do I like the work this artist makes with encaustics?

Decisions and Goals
After quick research from home (thank God for Google), reviewing Kim Bernard's art, philosophy, video, and everything I could find, within a week the class was booked. 

If you are on the goals for 2011 adventure with me (due by 1-31-11), this meets my goals of learning more about a technique, working with other artists, and travelling. This also meets the budget, because there is no car rental or flight required! 

For more about the workshop, keep scrolling down.

For more about encaustic painting, here are some quick links:

Encaustic Hive Blog
My website, with videos
My YouTube Channel, with all videos

Angeline Marie of 
Angeline Marie Fine Art

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Read an interview with Kim and watch a video of her recent exhibition here.
“My only rule in this workshop is that you don’t try to make a masterpiece on my watch. Try every technique I introduce, experiment and play!”
-Kim Bernard

About the artistEncaustic is a wax based paint that is kept molten on a heated palette.
Level II: Students will learn advanced skills such as building supports and textures, preparing surfaces, fusing with other tools and techniques, mixing ecaustics with pigments, creating transparent layers and glaze effects, creating monotypes, scraping and scribing, assemblage, stenciling and pour techniques.  


JJ said...

A-M: You know how much I love Key West! The Green Parrot - Life is good. Next time you guys are heading to Key West, don't hesitate to drop me an e-mail. Maybe we can meet you down there. Key West is a state of mind. I hope Andy doesn't drink beer!

Angeline-Marie said...

JJ: Andy drinks vodka, tequila, and beer. LOL
I will drop you an email!!! We don't know how often we can go in 2011 because of both our individual vacation adventures. =( We do know that 2012 will have to be FL vacations, and St. Augustine is in our plans!

JJ said...

Sounds fantastic!

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