Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Kim Bernard's the Next Level Encaustic Workshop at The Studios of Key West

Few words can tell how much I learned during the workshop with artist Kim Bernard at The Studios of Key West. The photos will have to speak for me, while my brain continues to fire off ideas. Encaustics have enchanted me...which was never expected when first seeing examples of it the fall of 2010.

I digress...here are the photos in which content belongs to artist Kim Bernard who instructed us. The photos belong to my library for use as memory joggers and reference. These are from the first day of the "Next Level."
Set up of the workshop inside of The Studios of Key West.

Kim gave us a first class encaustic workshop set up of stuff.
Making medium....

Kim's demonstration of a technique.
Making medium part two.

The set up for making medium.

Making of encaustic canvas. Any guess which is mine?

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JJ said...

A-M: One of the things I have always found amazing is how the most talented people, you included, seem to constantly work on improvement. I love that quality. I really enjoyed some of your past videos on the changes in style and techniques you have undergone over the years. A-M, your work is terrific! I can't wait to get down to Miami to see some of it up close. This summer, I hope.

Angeline-Marie said...

I hope we can meet, your wife and Andy and I, some time in the next year. LOL We are always having adventures!

Thank you...for commenting...it is an encouragement. =)

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