Monday, January 17, 2011

Sketchbook Project for ArtHouse Co-Op

What is a Sketchbook Project?
Sometime early summer 2010, the Art House Co-Op advertised a sketchbook. The idea is that the sketchbooks are filled by different artists, each book has a different theme, and the sketchbooks become part of a traveling library. For more information on how it began, my blog post can been read by clicking this sentence.

What is the theme of your sketchbook?
The actual theme of my sketchbook was "This is not a sketchbook." Here are just a few sample pages from it. The entire book was created during the time that I was deep into my Caliginosity series based on the Deepwater Horizon Gulf of Mexico oil spill event. The pages are little dark...because that was the mood of the series.

Using scrap paper, each page has a series of strips and ripped paper. Later, using rubber stamp letters, I chose "h" for "hope" and "d" for "despair." There is hope that the damage from the oil spill is much less than believed, but there is despair because the extent is still being researched as this blog post is written. 

The sketchbook project was shipped this last Friday, on the 14th of January.

If you wish to know about the Canvas Project by the Art House Co-Op in which I also participated, please click on each of the following words: Basil - Staccato - Often.

Upcoming about Encaustic Workshop in Key West
For those of you waiting for more about the encaustic workshop from this weekend, please stay tuned this week. Right now...WOW! My brain is on fire and the need to return to my studio is painful!!! WOW!!! Please visit my past blog post by clicking this sentence about the workshop by clicking this sentence.

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