Tuesday, April 5, 2011

10 Ways to Keep You and Acrylic and Mixed Media Paintings Happy

Acrylic & Mixed Media Painting Care
Paintings on Canvas or Canvas Board 
10 tips to keep you and your painting happy.
  1. Keep painting out of direct sunlight and away from heat sources such as ovens, attics or furnaces.
  2. Temperatures between 40 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit are best to keep paint from becoming brittle or softening. Indoor air conditioning is fine, especially to avoid mildew.
  3. Use only water to clean surface, and only when necessary. 
  4. A dry soft clean towel, feather duster, or soft brush can be used to remove dust from the painting. Remember to be gentle. Swab the surface (touch and lift) is the best method when using a cloth. 
  5. Do not rub or scratch the painting. 
  6. The mixed media elements may include beach sand, sawdust, coffee, and other items. Sand, sawdust, and other textures like them may fall off the painting and is part of the aging process. Again, do not rub the painting. 
  7. If a mixed media element falls off of the painting, carefully use an acrylic matte gel paint to re-attach it. 
  8. Keep fingers off the painting. 
  9. Use a compressed air can to remove dust.
  10. Keep painting away from airborne dust, dirt, cigarette or cigar smoke, etc. that may land on the painting. 
Sources used for these tips:
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Facebook Page for Angeline Marie Fine Art

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