Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Florida Heat Art Exhibit at Dharma Studio May 7 2011

Thank you to all who enjoyed my art exhibit Florida Heat at Dharma Studio and that of Jason Eldridge Island Left Behind. It meant a LOT that you came for a visit and enjoyed the art. Your smiles and comments made the night shine with the art. 

Setting up exhibit.

Outside of Dharma Studio.

Guests enjoying art exhibit.

More guests...

Jason of Eldridge Studios and Me.

Me with Jason of Eldridge Studios.

Hugo, Mama, & I.

Ana & Hugo.

Jason with Mama, talking about Havana, Cuba.

Jason of Eldridge Studios with part of his exhibit Island Left Behind.

Red and White Palms ©2008 Angeline Marie 24 x 36 in.
 mixed media on canvas

Beach Sunset Triptych ©2011 Angeline Marie 3x7 feet
mixed media on canvas

Paynes Prairie 3 ©2007 Angeline Marie 24x36 inches
mixed media on canvas

Paynes Prairie 2 ©2007 Angeline Marie 24x36
mixed media on canvas

Night and Day ©2008 Angeline Marie each 18x48 inches
mixed media on canvas

Palm Colors ©2008 Angeline Marie 20x24 inches
mixed media on canvas

Palm Path ©2008 Angeline Marie 20x24 inches
mixed media on canvas

Richard Brookins of Yellow Bell Music providing some tunes.

Lottie & artist Sri Prahba.

Regret missing the exhibit? Encourage me to make a slideshow of it by leaving a comment! 

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Judy Wood said...

What a great looking show. Congratulations to both of you on your hard work in pulling it off.

Angeline-Marie said...

Thanks, Judy! We had a blast!

Jason L. Eldridge said...

It was a hoot. Thanks Judy.

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