Friday, July 8, 2011

Fridays in France: Walk Abouts

Fitness, keeping my clothes fitting well, feeling good, staying healthy - all reasons why I love to walk. Living in Miami-Dade, Florida, walking is not the most practical ways of transportation. In Paris, France, however...walking is a way of life! 

Metros, walking, etc. are how will be getting some form of exercise during my stay in France. With that in mind, I found a wonderful deck of cards at The Bookstore in the Grove called City Walks: Paris. Browsing in bookstores or libraries, like browsing LPs and later CDs, is quickly becoming a lost pleasure. How will we find treasures like this City Walk deck of cards? 

The first card we are going to use is #7. My goal is to use all 50 cards. Some of the walks can be done right after another...while other routes are for enjoying the stops more than the journey. That is fine with me, because all of the museums, gardens, etc. are included the deck! Walking, exploring, pausing for drawing...AH!!!!

What treasures have you found, browsing a store? Do you believe you could have found the same as an MP3 or book download without the experience of exploration? 

Save the date! You are invited to share more art on Saturday, August 20th, at the Children's Gallery and Art Center!
Remember, too, to explore Paris, France with me during my Fridays in France posts which began Friday, May 6th. Interested in original art from Paris? Check out my Send Paris to You Project!

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