Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Art is Everywhere in Paris

A week ago, I blogged. Since then, here is a quick list of events:

Met, enjoyed, ended the Curious Excursion.
The new friends made are now on individual journeys...including me.
One full sketchbook of collages, watercolors, etc. with a second on its way.
I've fallen in love with Paris.

Enough there are paints, colors, and sights calling me to draw them on paper.

Here are a few photos of the art that you can catch while meandering the streets of Paris. Getting lost has benefits here!

Where you live, are there unexpected pockets of art? Share! 

You are invited to share more art at my exhibit  Once Drove Through Florida on at the Children's Gallery and Art Center that runs through September 21st, 2011. 

Interested in original art from Paris? Check out my Send Paris to You Project!

Angeline Marie of

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