Thursday, September 1, 2011

Sketches from Paris

Seems like blogging is going to be a challenge on this adventure in Paris! 
St. Eustache Church & random stuff.

The is one fault with the wonderfully central, comfy, cozy apartment: only ONE COMPUTER on wifi at-a-time. When there is only one internet connection…and it has to be shared…makes for limiting any blogging or Facebook experiences. Feels like it is the 1990s. This is the only fault, because the apartment is AWESOME.

In any case, I prefer to spend time else where with a sketchbook, a few macaroons, a glass of wine, a croissant…. 
My wonderful amour Andy is updating my Facebook page. You can also find the link to my photos here: and find the gallery called Angie-Paris.
Roses at Restaurant.

These photos are from my sketchbook. Most time is spent exploring, walking, window shopping, sometimes actual shopping, browsing art galleries, and just looking at shiny things. Sometimes, it is appropriate to just fall into a space and draw. 

Life is just Parisian keen!!!! 
From West to West, 360 Horizon Skyline from top of Arch of Triumph

Flowers at Pond at Garden of Tuileres

All images ©2011 by Angeline Marie. All art displayed here were created with a 4B pencil and/or Tombow Markers. 

Fountain Detail at Obelisk

Save the date! You are invited to share more art at my exhibit  Once Drove Through Florida on at the Children's Gallery and Art Center that runs through September 21st, 2011. 

Interested in original art from Paris? Check out my Send Paris to You Project!

Angeline Marie of

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JJ said...

A-M: I love it, and I love France. I am still jealous. You are driving me in-Seine!

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