Tuesday, October 18, 2011

6+1 Reasons TO BE a Nude Model for Artists

1. Models are expected to hold poses any where from seconds to minutes at a time. 
Models always get reasonable breaks, because no one can sit still that long. You are allowed to ask for a break when you need it, too. 

2. You don't always have to be naked. 
Artists need models in various stages of dress. Discuss with the artists for which you are posing. If you feel more comfortable wearing a swimsuit, etc., you probably will still be welcome to model. Outside of college classes, etc., being naked is not always required. You may simply wish to drape a cloth over certain parts, too. 

3. It is what you do when naked that can be immoral. 
Naked models are featured in paintings over 500 years old. The models are usually shown posing or doing simple non-sexual acts. Most artists will only study you with their eyes to measure lights, darks, proportions, lines, etc. We only want to draw you onto paper. Anything that makes you feel uncomfortable gives you the right to protest and/or simply leave. You really are expected to just pose as still as you can, in a simple pose or act. Most of these poses are NOT sexual!!! Most artists understand you are doing us a favor - and will treat you respectfully. 

4. I am too ugly, fat, old, skinny, etc.!!! Why would ANY artist want to draw me!?
You are beautiful!!!! Artists see how the lights and shadows play on you. Artists see how the lines curve and connect. Artists see how your hand relates to your hip, to your thigh, to your feet. We are so grateful you are posing - and we only see how wondrous the human body truly is! Artists see a work of art: YOU. You are the only one with that particular collection of those lights, shadows, lines, etc. Thank you for sharing! 

5. It would be embarrassing to model.
Artists can be embarrassed, too. The embarrassment lasts about two minutes. After that, artists don't see you any more. Artists see the lights, shadows, lines, proportions, etc. We become so involved in capturing those lines and shapes onto paper or canvas, we forget about your nakedness. You will probably feel that shift embarrassment to working mode. You may hear murmurs of appreciation. Again, artists respect, honor, and are grateful for your help in creating art. 

6. Your reputation will remain intact.
We respect you. We are grateful to you. You can request to have us only draw your face from shoulders up or keep your face out of the drawing all together. If we see you outside of the studio setting, most of us will only mention that we met you at the studio if that even comes up in conversation. It all goes back to #3: Anything that makes you feel uncomfortable gives you the right to protest and/or simply leave. Photos are NOT part of the sessions, either! 
One more thing: CHAPERONES are ALLOWED! Some models will bring a non-intrusive friend with them to the art studio. This person is allowed to sit quietly during the session and observe. The chaperone is NOT allowed to interfere with the work of the artists, make disrespectful comments, etc. Jealousy, relationship issues, etc. have no place in the art studio. Please bring someone reasonable and open-minded, because artists do not want involvement in drama. 

Want to model for artists in a studio setting? 
If you know someone of 21+ years old, send them to The Children's Gallery and Art Center. Model over 50 are welcome. Contact Carlos Franco @ 786-210-7517 or 305-224-9386. They are paying $30 for two hours.

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