Friday, May 18, 2012

Worth backing - Jumpstart Creativity Tour 2012

It takes a bit for me to pull money out of my pocket, but I thought this was well worth it! Maybe while on my trips this summer, I can hook up with Ms. Jess Greene. 

The project is called Jumpstart Creativity Tour 2012. More information about it can be found on her webpage. I learned about the project at the blog I follow called Embracing Encaustic. The best thing may be that if I cannot meet with artist Jess, she will be tracking and sending about all the events planned while they happen. Participation long distance is OK! 

Lately, I've given myself the gift of time off. Time off after 18 months of craziness: college classes, full time job, major happy family events, two art exhibits, Paris, new full time job, moving homes, getting married. My sketchbooks are still being filled...and recently began working in my new art studio. The last month has been a huge gift to myself. The voices in my head that scream at me but you must! Get going! You have to care! YOU MUST DO THIS for your inner-artist-entrepreneur! are pushed behind my mental padded door. To draw the mental picture: me, slumped and relieved at the floor of a door labelled The Last 18 Months of Crazies and YOU MUSTS

Life is still crazy, but at least there are less YOU MUSTS! The only must I am following now is to nurture my creativity and see where it takes me. There are different projects in my heart bouncing for attention...and paint will become only one way of expression.

There are some e-courses for creatives like me that I will be taking soon...some books arriving to my iPad and home's front door for inspiration. I'm even working on a small commission that has no deadline (thank you, Jason, for understanding!). Simon is ever my studio sentinel cat - and he loves my new art space (he even has his own water dish!) 

My backing the project Jumpstart Creativity Tour 2012 is one way that I am feeding and nurturing my creativity. If you would like to take a look at why, please check it out. 

What are you doing to nurture yourself, lately? What is your loudest YOU MUST!

Painting top left is still in same state.
Bottom cat painting is now ripped into different pieces.
Still don't know what it will look like when finished. ;)

Angeline Marie of

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JJ said...

Good for you! I got rid of the "you musts" many years ago.

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