Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Wait! Don't Trash that Old Icky Eyeshadow Case!!!

As mentioned, most of my art is made while on-the-run. 

In Paris, I ran around with the supplies described in this blog post: 

At home, my supplies changed a wee bit. The first change was the size of my colors. Here is a quickie on how I made my current favorite watercolor paint set (otherwise known as palette). It is so small, it fits easily into my jeans or shirt pockets. It weighs almost nothing at all. The colors are juicy. If the case breaks, clear tape works fine to hold it together until I find another nicely sized eye shadow color set. 

The Dollar Tree is a wonderful place. Score!
Step 1: Find a nice eyeshadow set. This is super when you want to recycle...let me have your old sets, please!!!!
Step 2: Soak in water, overnight.
Step 3: Dig out eyeshadow with any handle tool such as a paper clip, fork, etc. May need to repeat step 2.
Step 4: When all spaces are clean, pour from the tube of watercolor into the place wanted for that color. Do under fill.
Step 5: Allow to completely dry.
Step 6: Enjoy while on the run!!!!!

Thin, light case, places for 12 colors. Perfect!

Soaking in water.

If you wish to know how to make an "official" watercolor palette for yourself, this is a great source: Artists' Journal Workshop: Making Your Own Pan Paints'via Blog this'. Cathy Johnson also mentions why manufacturing companies of watercolor tube paints dislike artists making these palettes. I agree with Cathy - the paint works wonderfully when re-wet. The re-wet paint works better than the stay- dry-until-use paint, to me!

Feel free to let me know what you did for colors on the go! Would love to know what your favorite on-the-run creative tools you use for drawing, writing, etc. Please share with a comment or an email to me: angeline@angelinemarie.net 

Angeline Marie of
The well loved travel paints on the right with a recently filled sketchbook. 

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JJ said...

A-M: I might give it a try, but I hope you don't ruin my marriage!

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