Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Bailey - Seeing a Dog

Bailey, 8x8 inches, acrylics on canvasboard ©2012 Angeline Marie

Sample photo of Bailey

Sketches and preps


How I see a dog? With lines, sketches, and lots of practice. 

Just a quick series of photos of only some of the sketches and photos used while painting Bailey.

You are invited to share more art at my exhibit of my palm tree series Absence of Green at Chefs on the Run Restaurant in Homestead, Florida. You just may catch my husband and I dining there, as it is one of our favorite restaurants! 

Angeline Marie of

Notes on what I want to do next....

Comparing photo to painting for final touches.


Marcia minton said...

This is my Bailey who passed 11/2012 on Thanksgiving Eve . I was devastated until I found Angeline, who was able to capture him on canvas . She is an AMAZING artist. Since her creation of Bailey she has painted another one of my dogs that passed 3/2013, named Moni . I will NEVER be able to thank her enough for her beautiful work . I look at the both of them every day , and I can hear them breathing thanks to Angeline's amazing work . <3

Angeline-Marie Martinez said...

Thanks, Marcia!
I am so glad to see you happy with Bailey and Moni. They were great company in my studio!

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