Monday, June 10, 2013

Fake Stained Glass

Fake Stained Glass, by Angeline Marie, 2013
8x8 inches acrylics on canvasboard
While thumbing through a stack of old photographs that languished in the now closed storage unit, I stumbled upon a painting from Art Basel 2004. 

So much for throwing out stuff. Sketchbook attack ensued, sorting and purging ceased. Cutting, gluing, deciding, into my sketchbook went the photos I took at Art Basel 2004. The print stamp on the back of the photos gave the date away. Like a time capsule to myself: hey, you liked this...maybe one day you paint something like this? You up for it, now? 

Yep. Here is one page from that photo stack that inspired my painting Fake Stained Glass. 

Oh, and if you're wondering...yes, the sorting and purging of photographs and old stuff was continued, LOL. 

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JJ said...

Geez, A-M. Why must you throw it out? Gather them up and hold an auction for some cause at your studio. At least it's exposure. God, I hate to see artists dump what they don't like because they are so critical of themselves! Writers are the same way. I have thrown out tons of stuff, and now regret it.

Rosie Brown said...

JJ is right. Do not throw them out. Some things are reusable for a new creation. I know you know that.

Angeline-Marie Martinez said...

I'm sorry. I didn't clarify what kinds of photos and stuff I was throwing away! They were mostly random snapshots of stuff like a tree here, a plant there. I kept the ones from the exhibits I enjoyed back when. The trees and plant ones, well, I have better reference photos now than then.

Sometimes, I have to trash some old stuff to make way for the new. It was just random stuff, scraps of blank papers, bad photos. It was a relief to cut and glue some into my sketchbooks for later ideas (like this piece!). It was a relief to make more space, letting go of what I'll never use and kept clinging.

I did keep all those blister packages I found...eventually (oh, boy, pack rat I am!) they will be used in a project!

JJ, I wish I had saved some of my old funny notebooks from back when, too. But those are much longer gone than I can remember!

Rosie, if you saw my studio, you'd agree I have plenty of things to reuse. Perhaps too many!

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