Thursday, October 10, 2013

November Palm Trees

November Colored Palm Trees, 21.5 x 11 inches approximately,
acrylics on paper, $250 unframed
Inspiration is every where. Inspiration is grabbed and glued into my sketchbook...and slowly paintings start and finish on my easel.

Husband Andy and I were at Lowe's, where I usually wander into the paint section. There are all kinds of cool tiny binders of color combinations, folders with staged homes and colors...and COLORS. November had no holidays that grabbed my attention after Elephant Appreciation Day (September) and Halloween. Do not misunderstand: I love Thanksgiving, but...please, no more golds and reds and browns and orYAWNges!!! 

I wanted an alternate set of colors for November. A wedding website gave me Deep Blue, Eggplant, and Garnet Red. That painting began months ago...and hours later I still hate it. Andy says I lost the depth of the palm trees. That painting is scrapped, much like this painting was a few months ago.

Back to the inspiration. I had saved some South Beach club scene in my sketchbook and wrote notes of how to make a painting of my own, borrowing loosely from the cut-out. All that was missing were the golden palm tree reflections. With some left over paint from another project and my own stencil, what did I have to lose with this paper? 

I gained a painting that I truly like now. Sometimes these paper paintings wind up in shreds or covered over with another painting.

What has surprised you after a small change? Did you change a word in sentence and suddenly love a poem you wrote? Did you add (or subtract) a color from a room and suddenly feel at home? When was your last sudden "NOW it's done!" moment?

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