Saturday, December 28, 2013

Winning Color for RV Sign

Finished RV sign for the Hoffmanns...with red writing.
20 x 24 inches, acrylics on metal, design is ©2013 Angeline Marie.

Husband Andy, me, and the Hoffmanns, in front of their
RV before they rolled home. 

Just a reminder of the choices of what color to make the or blue.... 

The winner was RED! 

After staring at the letters, though, Husband Andy and I decided they needed some help. The letters were outlined with the same blue as the calm ocean water. 

The Hoffmanns will be enjoying their RV sign for many years to come. It will have many adventures as they travel North America! Hmmm...maybe they can snap photos of it as they travel and send them to me? LOL

Happy wishes to you! 

If you would like to see more paintings in person, please visit one of my favorite restaurants, Chefs on the Run Assorted Cuisine. 

If you would like to see more paintings online, please visit my website. 

Angeline Marie of

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