Monday, January 27, 2014

Days 26 and 27 of 30 Paintings in 30 Days

Happily Chasing Butterflies, ~5x7 inches, mixed media on paper,
monoprinting, $28, ©2014 Angeline Marie

1952 Harley Servi Car and Tools, Doug's Tool Yard, 5x7 inches, 
ink on paper, not for sale, ©2014 Angeline Marie
Folks, I'm tired. Publishing this blog post with weary eyes...barely got the Chasing design done, lol. I have stories to share about both of these designs, but ask your patience to share them with you later. 

Days 26 and 27 are DONE!!!! I'm not sprinting at the end of this 30 Day Challenge, but at least am still in it. 

Like? Please share the blogpost...or Facebook...or leave a comment...or buy Happily Chasing Butterflies for $28 that includes shipping and handling. 

for the $28...or please contact me.
If you would like to see more paintings in person, please visit one of my favorite restaurants, Chefs on the Run Assorted Cuisine. 

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