Monday, December 29, 2014

2014 - Peaceful Adios!

What a year you have been, 2014.

I am grateful to see you peacefully leave my life.

From my Mama being sick, to being push-pulled at my day job, to not seeing and being with Husband Andy for what seemed like three months, to feeling like I was in a gray ugly fog that left me inside the pages of my sketchbooks, to Cuba and USA relations changing drastically at about noon on December 17th, to different dreams of actually having 24 paintings of at least 8 x 8 inches completed, to having a newly organized art studio, to having Andy and Mama and my loved ones healthy and happy, to trying new things and having new adventures, to love just being Home, to things at day job being sorted out, to taking new adventures in 2015....

2014, Peaceful Adios! 
Sixteen of the approximately 25 paintings and mixed media designs completed 
in 2014 by me, Angeline-Marie. 2014 began with the plan of one painting
a week for a total of 52...but God laughs at our plans...LOL. 

How was your 2014? Hope it was a good one! 

Angeline Marie of

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