Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Dream-Pieces-Memories Assemblage

Dream-Pieces-Memories, 8 x 8 inches, assemblage, $200
There are moments that I really, really, REALLY miss my father. 

Papa and I had lots of fun together when I was little. Lots of stories, walks to the park, orders of pizza, swimming at the beach with Mama. He was my hero. 

We lost all that to Alzheimer's disease. He was diagnosed when I was 12. 

This little piece is the first of a mini-series. The mini-series doesn't have a title yet. This is the first time I've admitted the subject matter aloud to the world outside of Andy (husband). 

Papa loved the beach, knew about electronics, loved to find broken yet lovely bits of shells with me, used that type of comb all the time, and used to work as a building superintendent. Most of those ideas are incorporated in this assemblage entitled Dream-Pieces-Memories.

Hope you like.  May Alzheimer's be eradicated soon.

Angeline Marie of

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