Thursday, January 8, 2015

Horus Eye Collage

Horus Eye, 8 x 8 inches, collage on canvasboard, $100

It was also the year mi Mama and I visited Egypt. Oh what a wonderful experience!!! We loved it! 

Our only truly bad moment in Egypt was at the airport about to leave: there was only one flight ticket for four of us. With three people with very similar names, I was the only one who had a ticket. LOL I stayed with Mama, just as Carmen stayed with hers. Our trip was magically extended as Allah willing we visited Alexandria with the crazy fun taxi driver who teased us by mimicking our cries of mira! mira! mira! (look! look! look!).  

This little art piece is inspired by Egypt. Ancient Egypt has beautiful art, colors, and symbols. The Valley of the Kings made a huge impression on me: the caves full of scrumptious colors. It's a wonder to look up into the sky, under an arch that's stood for a couple of thousand years and see paint still adhering to the underside of the arch. Yeah. I still dream of that trip! 

Where have you traveled that made a huge impression on you? 

Angeline Marie of

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