Sunday, January 4, 2015

Purple Palm Trees, Orange-Red Sunset

Purple Palm Trees, Orange-Red Sunset, 8 x 8 inches,
mixed media on canvasboard
There are few book stores near my home. The library has limited hours. Thank God for ebooks, e-libraries, and all the blogs I read. Yet PAPER books...hard cover books...the smell of brand new pages on shelves.

What do books have to do with this painting? LOL Quite A LOT! Over the summer I had an hour to browse a bookstore and stumbled upon and purchased at full price Color Inspirations by Darius A. Monsef, IV. It has over 3,000 color combinations and it pushing my use of colors. 

Many times, I have a few thumbnail sketches in pen that I want to paint. My biggest struggle is finding a color combination to use. Color Inspirations continues to be an incredible studio assistant into 2015. Without this book, Purple Palm Trees, Orange-Red Sunset might only exist in black and white, hidden among the pages of my sketchbooks. 

Angeline Marie of


Marnie Bourque said...

Love your use of color!

Amira Rahim said...

Beautiful color scheme!

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