Friday, February 6, 2015

3 Red Palm Tree Paintings to Keep You Warm

This post is all about Red. 

Red for heat, melting snow, sandy beaches, warm ocean waters, hot palm trees casting shade over your chair.

These are just three of my red palm tree paintings that feature reds (oranges, too!). They were not painted at the same time...but they still look great together, lol. Together, they are 8 by 24 inches, unframed. 

My favorite color is actually blue. My Scorpio color is a deep rich red wine color. My month colors are opal (fire! yay!) and pink. I do adore red...obvious from all the palm tree paintings that feature red, LOL.

You can read all about each of these here:

What are your favorite colors? How are you staying warm?

Angeline Marie of

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