Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Red Triangles Palm Tree Painting

Red Triangle Palm Tree,  8 x 8 inches, acrylics on
canvas board, 2014, $100
If you can't tell, I'm crazy about palm trees, LOL. 

The negative spaces created by these palm fronds are a medium orange-yellow. The actual palm tree branches are red...but for the sun highlighted branches in yellows. Texture was created with modeling paste.

I am relieved that the 30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge is over for now. Leslie Saeta promises it will happen again this 2015, but for now, it's rest, recuperate, re-energize! 

The last few days were spent with Andy and a snowbird friend, bicycle riding and sketching the nearby horses (yeah - I love our home), getting some sun (yeah - I love Florida), seafood dinners, ignoring the Super Bowl (isn't that soup?), killing myself with a 60 minute Fitnessblender video...if I've been a couple of hours in my art studio, it would be a stretch. 

I do miss sharing a new painting with you...even it was a little overwhelming, perhaps, for you, too! I did find this one, and will group it with a couple of red themed palm trees for an upcoming blog post. 

Do you have "challenges" coming up in February? If you are looking for something and your thing is writing, try Cynthia Morris' Free-Write Fling. I don't get anything but happiness if you hop over to her site and check it out on this late date of February.

Happy February!

Angeline Marie of


JJ said...

I give you credit. I can't imagine pledging to write something of quality daily for thirty days, but you did it with paintings. You are amazing.

Rolina said...

I really love your palm tree interpretations!

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