Thursday, February 12, 2015

Why My Studio Stays Empty Sometimes

Photo of Gold Rush on our TV, with a selection chosen
from book 
Color Inspirations for a future painting.

My allergies sometimes just kick my ass (yes, I just cursed, please get over it!). Not being able to breathe properly sucks energy. It feels like a constant fight, regardless of what drugs (OTC, prescribed, etc.) I take. I hate taking drugs (medicines)....

So this night, I let my low energy win. Not totally...I added to my "low energy, little time" list of projects. All while enjoying Andy's sucky chair (sit in it and you get sucked into it) while he went out. 

All day, I fought for breath. I hate mouth breathing, but that is what I am forced to do during my worked out, my occupational bondage task list, driving home, etc. I even planned out a few more paintings in my sketchbook! I just have almost nothing left. Before I mess something up, best leave it alone. 

Since this night, I've been to a new-to-me doctor who prescribed different medications that should last me two weeks. Yeah, more meds...but a hopeful plan after this round of meds. 

At least I can breathe!!! I can SMELL and TASTE! SLEEP! Oh...the allergies are still with me...but now I have a confirmed case of chronic sinusitis which is BEYOND allergic rhinitis.  

All the while, I KNOW I AM LUCKY. I feel lousy, but there are worse things to experience. I do remember this as I can't get a breath through my nose. 

What's your rant? Is there something you constantly fight? Share!

Smiles, still,
Angeline Marie of

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