Friday, May 22, 2015

15 Signs It's Not Just Allergies Any More

This is the start of about 30 small paintings on paper using "left over"
paints other stuff. There are a few off this sheet of yummy paper
that are finished and ready to share! 

It's been a while since I've shared any art or anything else with the world. 

I have a tough time asking for help, but this year, I finally cried, screamed, weeped, threw a temper tantrum: "SOMEONE, PLEASE help me!" 

I've always had allergies...but I was so miserable, in a constant low level of pain, that I knew I was BEYOND allergies. It is truly difficult to have and enjoy a life when you are constantly fighting to feel good and do things!!! Even painting is a struggle! 

Without further ado, here is my list of what finally drove me to the doctor's office...and in another post I promise to share new art work and the next step in my journey.

15 Signs It's Not Just Allergies Any More

1. Your dentist insists you mouth breathe while you sleep, even when your visits are in the afternoons.

2. You always put on Chapstick before going to sleep. When you don't, your lips bleed and split during the day in spite of Chapstick. It doesn't matter the time of year or level of humidity. 

3. Piles of tissues in your purse, pockets, every room of your home, your job desk, your car...used and clean.

4. You feel congested so you blow your nose...but nothing comes out into the tissue, therefore, you are still congested. You keep trying, any way.

5. You try to nose rinse (aka neti-pot)...but you get either drips or nothing to flow through properly to the other side, every single time.

6. You only taste mainly sweet and salty and perhaps feel spicy hot when you eat. 

7. You are always tired, no matter how many hours you thought you slept the previous night.

8. You face is sore, or swollen, and your nose might be chapped and rubbed raw from trying to blow your nose.

9. You think you are physically fit because you workout often...but even the simplest moves has you huffing and puffing, fighting for breath through your mouth.

10. You try to discretely chew with your mouth open to breathe, holding your breath to swallow food.

11. You know exactly how much time you have left before you can take another allergy medicine, down to the minutes, as you desperately want to take it NOW. 

12. You wake up in the mornings with a sore throat that goes away after drinking room temperature water...and this makes you think you have a never-ending cold. 

13. The only way you seem to get any kind of real sleep is by sleeping in a recliner because staying in bed means endless coughing fits. 

14. You can only sleep on one side, and if you change sides while sleeping, you wake up coughing and trying to breathe.

15. Your nose breathing feels like you are trying to draw air through coffee stirrers, or like a single coffee stirrer, or you just give up and mouth breathe because your nose feels like it is held shut. 

I share these with you because I thought these things were a normal part of having allergies. My allergies "blew up" in late 2011...and it took four years to get to some sort of relief. My journey continues...and I will share more in other posts. 

For now, if you are interested in some further information, here are some links:

Feel free to drop me an email at ammtz2008 at gmail dot com. I spell this out because I really don't want more spam to it, lol. You can also leave a comment on this post. 

Taking wonderful deep breaths & sleeping well wishes to you...
Angeline Marie of

PS: This post is dedicated to my wonderful husband Andy and my friend Kristen S. Andy because of all the sleepless nights from my coughing, etc. Kristen because we've been sharing experiences on this recently.

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