Wednesday, September 16, 2015

2 Quarters Orange Original Oil Painting

2 Quarters Orange Oil Painting, 6 x 6 inches, oil painting on canvasboard,
©2015 Angeline Marie
I hate oil paint. 


Leslie for the last few years has held a 12 Days of Christmas contest. She randomly counts the comments left on her blog and chooses a raffle winner. I was the lucky winner of a workshop palette knife painting. 

Karson is over my shoulder, asking me to type "K," to put a big 

KARSON right here. She oooohed. 

LOL. That means I gotta go watch the movie with her. 

As I type this...we already left our two fun loving adorable girls back in the mid-West U.S. We're home. But everything above these couple of sentences were written while there. 

Angeline Marie of

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