Thursday, September 17, 2015

Will Travel Original Oil Painting

Will Travel, 12 x 12 inches, oil paints on canvasboard, ©2015 Angeline Marie
One of Leslie Saeta's painting adventures was the making of this painting. Her beach house is ASTONISHINGLY comfortable, welcoming, and full of practicality. The house is literally feet away from the sands of the Pacific Ocean. return! 

Maybe I'll leave more comments on her posts if she does the 12 Days of Christmas again this year? 

I love, love, love boxes of all kinds. Mi Papa started me on that. I have a small collection of cigarillo tins, candy tins, just tins. Some have left my art studio to serve as medicine holders, travel adventure momentos, etc. This suitcase caught my eye at the beach house because it's a box and oh the stories I'm sure it could tell about what it held and where it travelled! 

Andy is very fortunate that I am trying to always be a practicing member of what I call "Pack Rats Anonymous," or there would be MORE boxes, baskets, old suitcases all around our home! LOL 

What object makes you start a story in your mind? What attracts you like boxes attract me? 

Angeline Marie of

1 comment:

Tam Foree said...

Love the subject matter and the colors. Great piece, Angeline!

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