Sunday, September 20, 2015

Berries Advertised But...Original Oil Painting

Berries Advertised, but..., 12 x 12 inches, oil paint on canvas panel©2015 Angeline Marie

This fruit stand we visited with Leslie Saeta was super friendly and pintoresco. The stand is family owned and run. Most of the family was there while we painted: mother who owns it, son who helps run it, son's daughters that were hanging out there. 

It was a very hot day...and Leigh Buffington, a fellow student, granted me a huge complement: the painting conveys just how hot and sunny it was during our visit to the fruit stand. 

I loved the fruit stand as you can tell...but thankfully the kooky Robert Is Here is near us and when the weather cools and the mosquitos die off a bit...well...expect me to be out there painting! 

The title is Berries Advertised, But because if you notice there are only oranges in the main areas...LOL.

What has struck you funny lately?

Angeline Marie of

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