Friday, May 21, 2010

#5 of Art Inspired of Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Series

#5 of Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Series by Angeline Marie
"Blackened Red Eyed Fish," acrylics & ink on paper, 23 x 33 in., copyright 2010

The Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill has me totally in grief when I remember it, which is often. I try not to think of the consequences of this spill until I use my acrylic paints and encaustics

As someone who loves the smell of salt air, the feel of salt water on my skin, and the feel of beach sand between my toes....I am in fear of how this oil spill is affecting the ocean. The ocean feeds my soul, as the ocean feeds so many literally. 

How are we supposed to live with less of the ocean and everything it gives us?

For more of my series, please visit my site.

What do you think of the title of the series "Art Inspired of Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Series?" Can
you think of something better? Please, share your ideas.

Angeline Marie of

PS: An interesting search yielded the following books about oil spills. I will be searching my local library!


JJ said...

A-M: You found the key - "the ocean and everything it gives us?" We do not graciously accept. We take.

Jason L. Eldridge said...

Again... just great work...!

The ocean tides are the heartbeat of the earth. If the sea suffers, we suffer.

Angeline-Marie said...

JJ: The ocean gives, just as we take. The earth is built on balance, and humans are over-taking. Humans don't give the ocean a choice, but in the past it seems that less was taken....

We are suffering...we just don't quite realize it yet.

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