Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Artist in the Office

My day job is at a power plant. It consists of coordinating two programs, paperwork, making and keeping friends, and all the normal things that any office job requires. Sometimes I also need to wear safety shoes, a hardhat, gloves, ear plugs, and safety glasses. Occasionally, my creative skills can be used to help different departments, including my own. 
LV Rotor Sketch 1 ©2011 by Angeline Marie, 2B pencil on 8x11 in. copy paper

Power plants are construction sites: there is something happening some where on site at all times of the day or night. It could be something simple like checking valves, or more complicated like on what I stumbled upon the other night. For the current outage (or off-line concentrated maintenance), I am working peak shift. Almost alone in my office and needing some fresh air, I took a quick loop around the building and stopped in awe.

No camera, just pencil, paper, bad lighting, and my eyes. Spent a few minutes enjoying the lines and shadows of this "LP Rotor." The first sketch was a warm up in which I completely ruined the size. The second and last sketch captured the size better because the dumpster was now in proportion. The man you see in the first sketch was added later. 
LV Rotor Sketch 2 ©2011 by Angeline Marie, 2B pencil on 8x11 in. copy paper

If the choice was mine, the office phone would be forwarded to my cell phone and perhaps could have spent more time with this rotor. However, I like my day job most times, and need to keep it, so I returned to my office with these now treasured sketches.
It's not every day that there is a HUGE rotor sitting outside for an artist to sketch! When I reported to work the next day, it was already gone and in the process of being installed in an area I do not explore. Lucky me!

You are invited to TWO events! 
Some of my art will be presented at Life Is Art Showcases South Florida at The Shops at Boca Center on April 30th, 2011. Admission is free and open to the public. For more information about The Shops at Boca Center, please visit www.bocacenter.com. For more information on Life Is Art, please visit www.lifeisartfest.org.

The second event is on May 7th at Dharma Studio during Coconut Grove's Second Saturday Art Walk. My art Florida Heat will be on display this evening from 7pm to 11pm. The art and event is friends and family friendly! See you there!
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JJ said...

Am I blogging with Leonarda?

Angeline-Marie said...

Nop. ;) But thanks for the compliment! LOL

Angela Bounds said...

Hey Angeline-Marie! I have an engineering type job as well, mine is in a chemical facility. Funny huh! I have to wear safety gear everyday. No cute skirts for me....
I'm enjoying your site.
Your artist friend, Angie:)

Angeline-Marie said...

Angie!!!!!!!! How funny!!!!!!!! Safety gear is NOT sexy, eh? LOL Perhaps we can come up with something creative?

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