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Once Drove Through Florida Art Exhibit Press Release and Invitation

One of the behind the scenes things to do for an art exhibit is write a press release. Here is my attempt...since you're on my blog - you get a more informal invitation.

Oh, I have postcard announcements made for my art exhibit and would love to share them with you. If you send your U.S. Postal address to, I will send a postcard to you!  
White Flowers in Fall ©2010 mixed media on canvas 20 x 24 in

Media Contact:

Angeline Marie Martinez

Art Exhibit at The Children’s Gallery and Art Center

Homestead, FL – August 20, 2011 – Angeline Marie presents an exhibition of paintings Once Drove Through Florida at the Children’s Gallery and Art Center in Homestead, Florida. The exhibition opens the evening of Saturday, August 20th and runs through September 13th, 2011.  

The art exhibit Once Drove Through Florida by Angeline-Marie will feature encaustic and mixed media paintings showcasing her non-traditional interpretations and perceptions of Florida, palm trees, and the ocean from eye level to sky level. The textures, colors, and moods of Angeline-Marie’s paintings guide will take your mind on a drive through Florida on its back roads and sky ways.

Angeline Marie resides in Miami-Dade County where she began her artistic career in 1999. Her paintings feature landscapes, figures, and animals with many different materials such as acrylics, encaustics, and found objects. It was with Baruj Salinas and Ismael Gomez-Peralta that the artist developed her style of celebrating nature with a dark twist. She currently shares her unique art at

About Angeline Marie Martinez
Angeline uses her existing environment combined with desire and passion to influence her landscapes. Her paintings nudge viewers into coming closer and conjuring visions of imagined places and pasts. Her landscapes are designed to “take you out of this world.”

For further information about the Children’s Gallery and Art Center, call 305.224.9386, email at, or on the web at

Save the date! You are invited to share more art at my exhibit opening Once Drove Through Florida on Saturday, August 20th, at the Children's Gallery and Art Center that runs through September 13th, 2011. 
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Angeline Marie of

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JJ said...

Beautiful work. I hope the event is a huge success.

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