Friday, August 12, 2011

Fridays in France: Parks for Humans

Paris is full of gardens. Flowers and landscapes encourage me admire them...and so I will with my markers and watercolors. Yes, picnics are planned throughout the adventures, too! Countdown as of this post is 17 days before arrival to Paris!!!

Not My Wedding Flowers ©2009 acrylics on canvas,
14 x 11 inches.
Parks are a way of life for Europeans. Paris, France has many scattered throughout its limits.
Just a few mentioned here:

Bois de Vincennes

Buttes Chaumont Park

Promenade Plantee

Parc Montsouris

Jardin du Luxembourg

Tuileries Garden

Parc des Buttes-Chaumont

The best resources about parks in Paris,: for descriptions and locations.
HipParisBlog for manners, picnics, etc.

My French Country Home Blog has incredible landscapes and flowers and other fun things. 

and if you are still interested, there is space to join us on the Curious Excursion!

Taken from Google Maps: each pin
represents a park.
Save the date! You are invited to share more art at my exhibit opening Once Drove Through Florida on Saturday, August 20th, at the Children's Gallery and Art Center that runs through September 21st, 2011. 
Remember, too, to explore Paris, France with me during my Fridays in France posts which began Friday, May 6th. Interested in original art from Paris? Check out my Send Paris to You Project!

Angeline Marie of


Jason L. Eldridge said...

I am very excited for you! We get to reap the benefits of your trip because of the art that will undoubtedly result from this once in a life time trip. Go, have fun, and leave the thoughts of the States in the States!

JJ said...

Still jealous! I am very happy for you as well.

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