Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Update about Chinese Artist Ai Weiwei

In April, 2011, I wrote about Chinese artist Ai Weiwei and the call to action to petition for his release. Artist Leslie Nutting and the Generation Y Blog reminded me just how fortunate we are to live in the United States, in spite of all of the financial messes. We have freedom of speech...and that is a reason why I live here (thank you, Mama y Papa, for leaving communist Cuba!).

Just reading the headlines are informative....Here are some updates about Ai Weiwei, since my April post and in order:

May, 2011
Hong Kong artists Protest Ai Weiwei arrest
Friends Of Ai Weiwei Also Being Held By Chinese Authorities
China Finally Charges Ai Weiwei With Actual Crime: Tax Evasion

June, 2011
Beijing Art Show Closed, Artists Disappeared After Ai Weiwei Protest
Hong Kong Art World Steadfastly Defends Ai Weiwei
Anish Kapoor Cancels Beijing Exhibition To Protest Ai Weiwei's Detention
Ai Weiwei Released On 'Bail'
China Orders Ai Weiwei To Pay Nearly $2M

July, 2011
It's Good Ai Weiwei Was Released. Now, About Those Other Artists...
Ai Weiwei Accepts Job In Germany - But Will China Let Him Go?

August, 2011
Ai Weiwei Returns To Tweeting

Behind the Wire ©2006 Angeline Marie, acrylics on canvas
16 x 20 inches

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Angeline Marie of

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