Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Fish Hello - Painting 1 of 30 Days of Painting

Fish Hello, 5 x 3 inches, mixed media on paper,
©2014 by Angeline Marie
Day ONE of 30 Paintings in 30 Days is Fish Hello. 

This card is purposely wonky with a three-sided border and a ripped side. I took my own advice and made some pre-made background papers for this time's challenge.

See you tomorrow with another mini-painting! 

Like Fish Hello? You can buy it for $28...or please specify which day's painting you want me to ship you.

All of the September, 2013 paintings are available, too, with a New Foundland feel. 
See what else I'm up to here at my last blog post....
GroveHouse Artists' Affair En Plein Air at the Deering Estate is the weekend of January 11th, 2014. Watch me and other artists paint while on the grounds of one of Florida's beautiful parks. 

If you would like to see more paintings in person, please visit one of my favorite restaurants, Chefs on the Run Assorted Cuisine. 

If you would like to see more paintings online, please visit my website. 

Angeline Marie of

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JJ said...

Happy New Year!

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