Friday, March 27, 2015

Studio Tip Try Out - Fixing Brushes Part 2 of 2

Ugly link here if you can't see the video:

This is part 2 of fixing splayed brushes. Most turned out alright...the truly bad brushes reverted back to their bad ways. Ah well. At least I tried. 

I did find a trick to fixing synthetic bristle brushes on YouTube: dip in hot hot water. I have a mix of brush types, so I might use that trick to try to fix my other brushes. 

Just a reminder, this trick is from my favorite podcast (internet radio show) since Leslie Saeta began it is Artists Helping Artists. Leslie reviewed this trick and tip on one of her October, 2014 shows. 

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Angeline Marie

1 comment:

JJ said...

Now that is interesting. Not because I am a painter, but because I recently had a bad experience painting a window frame. It is a long story, but I can say that Home Depot was closed, so I went to an art supply store for a small brush. Can you guess what I bought? What a disaster!

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